What voice commands can I use to control my Danfoss Link™ and thermostats with Alexa ?

Compatible thermostats connected to your Danfoss Link™ CC can be controlled with Alexa by means of the next voice commands:

- Alexa, what is the temperature in (room name)?
- Alexa, turn up/down the heat in (room name).
- Alexa, set the temperature in (room name) to 24°.

The thermostat’s mode cannot be changed via Amazon Alexa. Adjustments to mode must be made via Danfoss Link CC or the Danfoss Link mobile app.

Try saying:
 “Alexa, what is the temperature in the Kitchen?”
(Alexa replies: The “Kitchen” temperature is 21 degrees)

“Alexa, turn up the heat in the Kitchen”;
(Alexa replies: “Kitchen” is set to 22 degrees)

“Alexa, set the temperature in the Kitchen to 24 degrees”;
(Alexa replies: “Kitchen” is set to 24 degrees)