Is my smartphone compatible with Bluetooth? / Slow or no connection.

Danfoss Eco™ is using Bluetooth to communicate with Danfoss Eco App™.
To download and use the Danfoss Eco™ App you must use a smart phone device that follows these requirements:
  • IOS: Version 11 or higher and more recent models are compatible. The Danfoss Eco™ App is optimized for iPhone usage, but can be downloaded as well on iPads. Remember to search for iPhone App as we do not have a dedicated iPad App.
  • Android: Version 7.0 or higher*
    *Android operative system is used by many smartphone manufacturers around the globe. These devices are communicating via Bluetooth in different ways and with different level of success.
Danfoss is aiming to ensure compatibility within widest possible range of popular Android smart phones.
Internal tests have shown that some Android smart phones are not responding well to Bluetooth devices, hence the connection is not always stable.

How can it be?
The challenge with Bluetooth connection is often related to battery powered devices that is optimized for long battery lifetime – no matter the type and brand. Bluetooth devices optimized for long battery lifetime does not communicate with the same intensity as mains powered Bluetooth devices. It means you might experience full compatibility with a Bluetooth loudspeaker, but encounter problems with the same smart phone device, trying to connect to a battery powered device. (Please notice that Bluetooth headsets etc. is not optimized for long battery lifetime).

If you are experiencing slow, or no connection to Danfoss Eco™? You might use this workaround.
You have Android device and you have some challenges in establishing a Bluetooth connection it is recommended to try the following:
  1. Activate the Bluetooth protocol by turning the wheel or pressing the button whilst the Danfoss Eco™ App is searching for connection. Turning the wheel or pressing the button is increasing the ‘amount’ of Bluetooth communication and also the chance that connection can be established.
  2. If you have an iPad or iPhone, then try to establish connection from one of these devices. If you succeed, then it is due to the Bluetooth connection speed on your Android device.