Why are my radiators heating doing night set-back periods? (Link)

The reason might be, that Adaptive learning is enabled.

The adaptive learning function (Forecast) ensures that the comfort temperature is reached at set time. The warm up time is continuously adjusted according to seasonal temperature changes.

  1. Adaptive learning ensures the wanted temperature at the wanted time (here 20 °C at 07:00).
  2. Adaptive learning uses data from the previous 7 days to be able to reach the correct temperature at the right time.
  3. Adaptive learning is sensitive to large, rapid temperature changes.


Winter: Long warm up time.                               Spring/fall:Short warm up time


In case you would like to disable this feature, it can be done in following way:

Go to installer menu (Remove the white frame from Danfoss Link and press setup)

Room and devices ->
Manage existing room ->
Configure existing room ->
Choose room ->
Heating regulation ->
Forecast feature (On / Off)

If you turn Forecast OFF, heating will be running according to set schedule.