How do I check if my CC has Wi-Fi?

There are two ways to check if your Danfoss Link CC supports Wi-Fi.

Check the label on the back of the Danfoss Link CC.
The Danfoss Link CC version should be 4.

If your CC is fully installed and powered you can also follow the screenshots here to identify Wi-Fi support.

1. Click on the main screen

2. Click "House Control"

3. Find and click "Settings"

4. Look for "Wi-Fi and Apps".
If it is visible then Danfoss Link CC has Wi-Fi support.

If your Danfoss Link CC Panel has no Wi-Fi option, and you would like to replace it with the new one(with Wi-Fi option available),  please contact your Installer.

If your Danfoss Link CC has Wi-Fi you can control your Danfoss Link system from an App on your phone or tablet if you have at least Android 7.0 or iOS 11.0 installed.

Future software updates will automatically be downloaded to your Danfoss Link CC enabling new features and improvements.