How do I enable Wi-Fi?

1. Click the main screen once.


2. Click "House Control"

3. Find and click "Settings"

4. Click "Wi-Fi and Apps"

5. Click "On"

6. Read and accept "Disclaimer"

7. Select your "Wi-Fi Network" and click "Connect".

8. A new screen appears where you can enter your Wi-Fi password and accept it. 

9. The Danfoss Link CC will now connect to your Wi-Fi network and if your password is correct you should momentarily receive a notification that network is connected. Accept the notification and press back to continue.

10. You should now be able to see the following screen:

Please try to search for the Wi-Fi network one more time. Please note that if you have a hidden network (SSID Broadcast disabled) then your network is not shown on the network list. You have to make your Wi-Fi network visible (SSID Broadcast enabled). If you are unsure on how to configure your Wi-Fi router we recommend you contact the provider of your router.